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The TGA has approved medicinal cannabis treatment for over 50 conditions, such as:

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Our Process

We take our patients on a 6 month journey where we walk alongside you every step of the way to ensure you receive the benefits of this unique second-line treatment.

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Cannabis Has Been Used for Thousands of Years
for Its Natural Medicinal Properties

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Medicinal Cannabis Treatment

The health benefits of medical cannabis treatment are ever-growing. This alternative, plant-based treatment has seen incredible results for a number of chronic illnesses and conditions.

Traditional Medication Not Working?

Chronic conditions may not always respond to traditional medications and therapies – which is why many Australians are turning to alternative forms of treatment such as medicinal cannabis. A number of studies, trials, and research has been carried out around the globe and a growing amount of evidence shows cannabis’ effectiveness at treating conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, and Parkinson’s Disease, to name but a few.

In Australia, you need a doctor’s prescription to access medical cannabis.

Dr. Shimal Jobanputra - Lead Physician

At the Sunshine Coast Cannabis Clinic, we provide expert second-line medicinal cannabis treatment to eligible candidates. As an authorised prescriber, we help you every step of the way and ensure that the treatment rendered is appropriate for your individual needs. 

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Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible for medicinal cannabis in Australia, patients must have a chronic condition for which there is some evidence that medicinal cannabis can help and must have exhausted or be unable to use conventional therapies for their indication. Please note not all conditions will respond to Medicinal Cannabis treatment.

Eligibility Screening

In order to be eligible for medical cannabis treatment, patients must:

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