Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Cannabis Clinic

Providing you with world-class medicinal cannabis treatment

Medicinal Cannabis Therapy & Integrated Health Practices

We don’t just prescribe medical cannabis, we specialise in clinical outcome focused cannabis therapy.

We provide a patient-centric approach to care, taking you on a journey to ensure you receive the benefits of this unique treatment.

Our experienced team of Authorised Prescribers are approved to prescribe for appropriate patients without further TGA approval.

Our Process

We have a simple and high value process to get you feeling better



You will be contacted to collect the appropriate information and payment ahead of your appointment.



Our cannabis practitioner will consult with you to understand and document your symptoms and ensure you receive the correct medication for your needs.



Your scripts will be issued as required by the clinic. Medication is purchased directly by you from our preferred supplier.

We Are Authorised Prescribers Of Medicinal Cannabis

Authorised Prescribers are medical practitioners who are approved to prescribe unapproved therapeutic goods for a particular condition or class of patients in their immediate care without further TGA approval.

To become an Authorised Prescriber the medical practitioner must:

Benefits Of Selecting An Authorised Prescriber

An Authorised Prescriber is allowed to supply the product directly to specified patients under their immediate care.

Use of the product under an authorisation must be at all times in line with the conditions specified in the authorisation.

Patient Centric

We believe in treating the whole patient, not just the problem

Doctor Led

Your Doctor scrutinises and oversees your care

Result Oriented

We are focused on getting you better faster


Our approach is full of empathy, care and compassion


We keep you informed and educated at all times during your treatment